What We Do

Frack is a Singapore-based marketing firm that creates content across all mediums to help clients find their voice and audience.
Clean, concise and targeted copy is the little black dress of marketing. Always dependable, never goes out of style, and when done right, pretty fracking ageless.
Concept Development
A marketing concept that works and resonates is really the confluence of what you need to say, what your target market wants to hear and how they need to hear it. We help you find that sweet spot.
Content Development

You have a concept and a communication medium but you’re at a loss for words. We’ll flesh out your ideas and make them sound like Anthony Hopkins reciting poetry with Morgan Freeman over a good single malt.

Michelangelo once said that every block had a statue inside it and it was the task of the sculptor to discover it. So we’ll chip away at anything that does’t look like David or Venus de Milo until your message shines through.

Feature writing and Newsletters
We’ve written everything from retirement planning newsletters to…we swear we’re not making this up….an article on the dangers of illegal sex enhancement drugs. We’re pretty sure we can handle anything you need.

Marketing Campaign Proposals & Pitches
The whole shebang…who, when, where, what, how. We offer a fresh eye backed up with years of marketing experience, which is how we know the first customers you must satisfy are internal ones. Once your C-suite folks are pleased, we’re good to go.

Naming, Slogans & Taglines
Unfortunately Google and “Just do it” have already been taken, but there’s really no reason your brand can’t sound as sexy.

When your content needs a makeover that requires a ground up approach incorporating fresh content and a different form of expression.